Join Traction


Download and engage in the adventure with the Traction App.

The Traction app will introduce you to 14 common misconceptions that tend to rob us of joy and passion for our ministry. By the end of the adventure, you will have discovered the 14 common misconceptions in the form of “trophy insights.” These trophy insights will form the basis for the group discussions.

What do you think your results will be? Find out and see- only takes 45 minutes. The results will surprise you!


After completing our Traction app adventure, download the list of the 14 Trophy Insights to identify, which two misconceptions were most meaningful to you.


After you finish your registration, then you will be contacted to enroll you in the next in the next upcoming TDG. The groups will be conducted online, using Zoom videoconferencing. There will be about 10 other people in our group from across the U.S. and worldwide. Your identity can remain confidential, if you wish. Only the group moderator will have access to your contact information. Allowing our participants the freedom to be honest about life and ministry.

Step 4: SHOW UP

Once you have been assigned to a group, mark it on your calendar and plan to attend your weekly group meeting. We will email you the link to each session.

What to Bring: Your two Trophy Insights, from Step 2, your Bible and a willing spirit for transformation.