REVIVAL Resources!

We're glad you're here!

Here are some great starting points for REVIVAL! These are some resources (yes, they are ALL FREE) we have developed to encourage and lead your church to genuine God ordained revival!

Read the Explanatory Translation of 1 John

A free fresh new translation of 1 John from the original Greek to explain more clearly what a first century Christian was thinking and hearing when they read 1 John.

This is an online resource, but it also available as a printable document.

Learn more about this translation: Most English translations of the Holy Spirit inspired original Greek manuscripts approach the translation task with the philosophy that it is best to use the English word that is closest in meaning to the original Greek word. The problem with this approach is that VERY often, there is not an English word that is adequately close to the Greek word (that word does not exist in the English language). We have approached the translation of 1 John with the philosophy of using as many words as necessary to convey the fuller meaning of the original Greek text. This way, you get a richer translation that does a better job of helping you to understand what a first century Greek Christian was really hearing and feeling as they read that original letter from the Apostle John.

Small Group Discussion Guide

We have compiled a set of discussion questions that help you lead small groups (cell groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups, etc.) into discovering the richer meaning, and practical life applications, in a verse-by-verse study of 1 John. (FREE)

Children’s Animated Cartoons

We have created a set of several 5-minute animated features that follow a family of dogs as they face real-life struggles to apply the lessons of 1 John in their lives and relationships with each other. These are ideal for teaching young children the practical life lessons contained in John’s first epistle to the Church. (FREE)

Sermon Outlines for 1 John

We have prepared an annotated outline of the key concepts of 1 John that are ideal for developing faithful and helpful sermons from the pages of 1 John. Pastors will find this resource very useful as they prepare to deliver sermons on the life lessons of 1 John. (FREE)

31-Day Devotional

This is a beautifully illustrated devotional resource originally created by a mother of littles for other mothers of littles, but you will find it is useful as a devotional guide to help anyone know how to pray their way through a verse-by-verse study of 1 John. (FREE)

We also have several other helpful resources to help you in your discipleship training mission. (FREE)