Getting Started
Would it be a good idea to take a little time for resting and rebuilding and rekindling your First Love.


Download and thoughtfully engage the adventure in the Traction App. The Traction app will introduce you to 14 common misconceptions that tend to rob us of joy and passion for our ministry. By the end of the adventure, you will have discovered the 14 common misconceptions in the form of “trophy insights.” These trophy insights will form the basis for the group discussions that we will have in Step 4 below. (Getting thoughtfully through the Traction app should take about 45 minutes.)


After completing the Traction app adventure in Step 1 above, download the list of the 14 Trophy Insights and identify which two were most meaningful to you. You will use these in the first group discussion session in Step 4 below.


Register for the Traction Discipleship Discussion Group (TDG). Once you register, then we will contact you about the best time for you to schedule your involvement in an upcoming TDG. These groups are conducted online using Zoom videoconferencing. There will be about 10 other Christian leaders in your group—frequently from all over the United States and sometimes from other countries around the world. No one in your group will need to know anything about you but your first name. Only your group moderator will have access to your contact information. This is so you will feel free to be candid and honest about how you deal with these 14 Trophy Insights in your life and in your ministry. This is where quality ministry happens.

Step 4: SHOW UP

Once you have been assigned to a group, mark it on your calendar and plan to attend the first group meeting. We will email you the link to the session; you just click on the link when it’s time to start the meeting. The only thing you need to bring to this first group meeting are the two Trophy Insights you identified in Step 2 above.