Do you want to be one of Ethan's ministry partners?
My ministry partners pray for me and provide the money to fund my salary that makes it possible for me to spend my time and effort doing what God calls me to do in this ministry.

What Great Commission Training Ministries does:

Do you want to be an important part in revitalizing the Church in America?

We help Christian leaders have a more joyful and powerful ministry. Many are heading toward more stress, fatigue, and burnout. We help them get refreshed with a renewed taste of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We begin by helping them discover places where their worldview works against the aligning of their lives with the principles preached by Jesus in the Gospels. Our research has identified 14 common misconceptions that manifest themselves in the subconscious. These affect how they perceive the Gospel, and they become footholds for the enemy. These leaders participate in group discussions with other leaders about specific Scriptural passages to help them discover when any of these 14 common misconceptions exist and what to do about it.

What is my role in Great Commission Training Ministries?

  1. I am part of the staff of the Great Commission Training Ministries as our mission organization ministers to Pastors and other leaders in Gospel ministry.
  2. My specific role is to produce and publish all the videos used by our ministry. These include ministry videos, training videos, marketing videos, and informational videos that help others better understand who we are and how our ministry can help teach Gospel truths.
  3. Our C.E.O. tells me that in this era when communication and training rely so heavily on video content, my role is critical to the success of our ministry. He assures me that in today’s world, my work plays an essential role in helping people better understand all that Christ has done for them.


This understanding changed my life: “God loves me because of Christ and not because of anything I do or don’t do.”
A Director of a Christian Camp in Kentucky.

I had to start asking myself why I had such a need to earn my way? Where was this tendency coming from? That’s such a big change in perspective from when I was trying to BE good through my struggles and efforts. That was actually insulting my good Father even though I thought it was the right thing to do! In fact, I came to see He hates that grinding minds.”
A Senior Pastor in Indiana.

“This program develops strong and effective discipleship in believers. It gives you a diagnostic of your soul and will benefit any Christian of any age or maturity level. The spiritual impact of this training can be significant. It is transformative.”
A Senior Pastor in North Carolina.

“I came to understand that in God’s sight, I am as righteous as Jesus Christ, and that God’s opinion is the only one that really counts. That has completely changed my identity.”
A Bible Study leader for young marrieds and professional singles internationally.

A word of encouragement

I can’t do this ministry without my ministry partners. My ministry partners are an indispensable part of what God has me doing. They pray for me. They provide the money to fund my salary. I keep them informed about what is going on in our ministry and the challenges we are facing, and they pray for us and often provide valuable suggestions and encouragement.

If you ever wanted to become more involved in an important Gospel ministry but feel more called to provide the financial fuel and counsel and encouragement to the ministry, then this is that kind of opportunity for you! Please pray and ask the Lord if He is calling you to become a part of our team in this way. Thank you!