God has given you some money to invest in His kingdom, and you want to get to it!

We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt Christian charity, so all your donations are tax exempt.

Thank you for wanting to partner with us in helping to fulfill Jesus’s Great Commission to His Church! We do not charge for our discipleship training, but it does cost us about $20 to train one person through our discipleship leaders training course. (And each of those trained discipleship leaders will reach about 300 people with the Gospel and each leader will disciple about 30 other Christians in their faith. All this for an investment of $20 on your part!)

We are grateful for your help in sharing the financial burden to do this important training! THANK YOU!

How would you like to help us today with your donation?

Maybe the Lord is calling you to take a more strategic role in what we do together. If you would like to become a Yoke-Fellow partner with us, here are your options:

Some people wonder, “Why does it cost $20 to train someone with your online content?” Here are some of the things that we must pay for in order for us to be able to provide this training for FREE to those we minister to:

  • Salaries for our staff employees who provide personal assistance via chat rooms and Zoom-based teleconference tutoring to those being trained (mentoring, answering questions, train-the-trainer services, problem resolution, etc.)
  • Salaries for our technical support staff who ensure that all our content remains secure and available on various servers to those who access it via our Web site
  • Salaries for our content support staff who develop and maintain the blogs, FAQs, and other Web-based support facilities to support those being trained
  • Salaries for the software developers who develop and maintain the programs such as Traction and UnsettleMe, not only in English, but also in 13 other languages to support our international training programs
  • Salaries for our video production team who produce and ever-green the video lesson content in our online training program (also being produced in 13 different languages)
  • Salaries for our marketing people, as well as the paid advertising they use, to get the word out to Christians across the globe about this FREE discipleship leaders training opportunity
  • A lot of other behind-the-scenes support services that make a company like ours function. Services such as: finance and accounting, human resources, legal services, taxes, general I.T. support services (such as email, reporting, etc.), facilities and equipment maintenance, etc.